Wolfenstein 2 : SilverFish Interior

The Silverfish INTERIOR
Exterior can be found here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PRBY4
Concept provided by the the amazing Mattias Petterson.
A big thank to Joseph Mueller,Nicholas Cort and Axel Torvenius for trusting me with this complicated asset.
Plus giving me so much artistic freedom.
Also a big thanks to Nikolaj Fehrm for being so flexible with all the character animations that were linked with this complicated model. (Both exterior and interior)

Mocap blockout provided by Dan Mihaila
Rigged by Nick van Deursen
Animation Team: Frida Safar & Nikolaj Fehrm
Producers: Joseph Mueller & Lubna Cecillon

Made all geo on my own and used only SubD.